Wednesday, June 24, 2009

6/25/99 - 9:19 a.m.

Ten years ago tomorrow.  Wow.  That's one old email.

So back in June of 1999, one of us sent the other an email.  We were still dating and who even remembers what it was about.  Well, that email has gone back and forth since then for 10 years.  There's been gaps (she had written to me in October and I didn't respond until today because it was lost in my inbox) and near losses (I made the people at Warner Bros. retrieve it from my inbox there after I got laid off).  Times like tonight the long gap meant there wasn't a lot still left to reply to, but still, we've sent the email back and forth for nearly 10 years.  (We delete the non-relevant pieces, but we've kept the last few dates of responses at the top.)

So by my count since we started that email we've gotten married, had two children, gained two cats, lost two cats, adopted and later gave up one dog, purchased two homes, lived in 5 apartments (two simultaneously before we were married), had countless jobs, owned at least three cars.  Weird.

Years ago I had planned to purchase a new computer as a gift to Lori on the anniversary of the email, but that never happened.  (Sorry, Lori, maybe next year.)