Monday, June 16, 2008


With Ben strapped to my chest, I walk the course. Round and round. Kitcheb. Hall. Step down into living room. Step up into dining room. And back to kitchen. It's a small loop. In the time it's taken me to type that, I've made the loop about three times. I could do it my eyes closed. And often have. I've done it while running with, running from, chasing after or carrying Rachel on my shoulders. I've done it while iTunes blasts, I've done it while watching TV, movies or conversing with Lori. Or, tonight... With only the sound of the clicking Blackberry keys and the padding of my own feet and Ben's soft breathing, I'm lost in the silence. I did not sleep well last night, or probably many a recent night. And it's led me to be irritable, cranky and have a short fuse. But right now I feel good. I feel calm. The chores can wait, the sleep won't be great, but at the moment, I am at peace. It is a really nice place to be.
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