Saturday, May 31, 2008


I did not get nearly as much done today as I'd hoped. I thought "Hey, older child off with grandma... that's a few hours when I can get some stuff done." They were even gone longer than I expected. I did get stuff done, but it was silly stuff... my inbox now only has six emails in it and I got my Google Reader count down to 1 from close to 500. I did get several rooms vacuumed, some weeds pulled and the baby bathed, but it wasn't nearly as productive as I'd hoped. It must be a pipe dream. I wonder if I was ever as productive as I imagined myself to be, or if I just had a simpler task list.

We've been talking more about what we hope to have in our next home. It's cool to see that our tastes and desires are starting to really align. We'll see if it's ultimately affordable, and where, and when, but at least we'll be looking for the same thing. We credit our realtor John with a lot of that... turns out that we did like a lot of the same things, but at just never been able to verbalize them. But John listened to us talk before-hand and then observed as we toured the houses, to the point where he was eventually able to walk into a house and know that we didn't need to spend more than a few seconds. Really random, but I still feel really bad for the dog at one house... so excited to see us, he peed on he floor. We put paper towel over it, but I wish we had just cleaned it up because I still wonder if he got punished for that.

Still random, speaking of realtors, if anyone talks to Ben Kelly, please let him know about our new baby. But don't let him think that the baby was named after him. It it was, it was unintentional. (He's also not named after Ben on LOST.)

Can you tell I'm killing time? I want to go downstairs and ride the exercise bike but waiting for Lori to come and collect Ben for his next feeding. And here she is.

Lates. Yes, I said lates. Deal.
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