Thursday, November 22, 2007

Progress Report

First semester:

A person needs many words to describe Jamie*: intelligent, talkative, inquisitive, appealing, friendly, talkative, imaginative, determined, talkative and hundreds more. When he has an assignment he doesn't want to do he is the best time waster I have ever seen. On the other hand, he is the best listener in the class. He adds a lot of "life" to our discussions and our classroom in general. I'm glad he is in my room.

/s/ Mark Reiger

Second semester:

Jamie has often resisted doing his math assignments in a prompt, neat, accurate manner. I have no doubt that he understands all the concepts we studied. Jamie has continued to exhibit those positive qualities which make him a unique child. Being his teacher has been an experience.

/s/ Mark Reiger

*As I was known in second grade. I'm told that Mr. Reiger, then in his first year of teaching, described me as a "hoot" to my parents during a parent-teacher conference. I also suspect he never told them that I spent an entire week in a separate classroom (Mr. Reiger had two classrooms, separated by folding walls) -- one day joined by my trouble-maker friends -- because I refused to do a math worksheet. By the time I turned it in, it was full of pencil holes, very crumpled, had shoe prints on it, and if I had had access to matches, would have probably also been burned. Mr. Reiger was a cool guy. It was thinking back to incidents like this which eventually swayed me out of pursuing a career as a teacher.
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