Friday, November 02, 2007

Oh, No! A Strike!

Yes, but what all of us want to know is if this will mean we can finally get something well-written on TV now that all the hacks are carrying picket signs? (If their puny arms can lift them.) (Disclaimer: I'm watching more TV than last year, I've rather enjoyed Chuck and Pushing Daisies.)

I am interested in seeing how this strike goes... recent trends in the grocery and auto unions have been to target a single chain or single manufacturer and get them to cave in. Divide and conquer.

Seems like it would be a little harder to do with a studio/network since they're all so intertwined, making shows for each other and stuff like that.

If I were running the union, I would strike at NBC Universal and at any individual shows produced by another studio that aired on NBC. Keep everyone else working, including all the people at Letterman and the guy from Drew Carey and the guy from KROQ who's on ABC. Having only Leno and Conan on reruns would push NBC Universal to the table quickly.

I hate unions.
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