Saturday, November 12, 2005

Islands' last hurrah

Sorry I haven't written recently. It's been, well, quite busy.

When I first arrived in Sherman Oaks, there was an Islands near church and work. They wanted to go there all the time, and I'd always go, and always order something different, but they were never exactly something I'd enjoy. I had all but given up when I stumbled on it, and now it's all I order, to the point that they often have to ask me to slow down... "Sunset, medium well on wheat with light onions." A perfect burger with bbq sauce, lettuce, pickles, tomatoes and optionally, onions.

The ambience of Islands is wonderful. I've lost track of how many different ones I've been to, but the experience is consistently great, a terrificly done tropical escape from the world around us.

Last night we had dinner at the Islands in West Covina. It was sort of a last hurrah for us. Islands, we'll miss you.
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