Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Guns don't kill people...

I call "bullshit."

What kills people? Stupid f'ing kids whose stupid f'ing guardians provide them with access to guns. The story says authorities believe that the guns used in this latest school rampage were the grandfather's, a cop. It was the grandfather's car that the kid drove to school in.

I've not been out of high school that long, but we didn't worry about stuff like that. I think the saw the grip of a gun once, and I can't remember if it was at school or not, but the guy didn't strike me as a type to use it and that was in Jr. High. There were fights every day at school, but they were always fistfights over stupid stuff by well-known people. I mean, I don't remember anyone really getting teased alot. If anything, you were more likely to just not get noticed.

I feel a little bit for the kid in this case, though, his mom is permanently in a nursing home due to a brain injury from a car accident and his dad committed suicide a few years ago. That's really got to affect a kid. Living in Minnesota can't be much fun, either.
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