Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Soaked to the Core

We've now had 31 inches since July 1, much of that in the past few days and weeks. We only need about 7 more inches to break the record. Of course, I don't know how old those statistics are.

What I do know is that today was a miserable day to install a hot water heater. But, that's what I did. It sat in a box for a year and a half and it was finally installed today. My friend (and boss) Fady helped me do it, but it took about 10 hours, at least five (?? I lost count) trips to Home Depot and despite being in a covered area outside, I got very soaked and very cold. The water is now back on in the house and by morning we may have warm water, but for now, it's only this blanket and laptop keeping me warm.

I wonder what it would be like to live somewhere where it rains all the time. I remember a lot of rain in Seattle, but I don't remember it ever being like this. Apparently, statistically, it usually isn't. I guess I would own some sort of coat that repelled water, to start. I do have to say that the rain sounds really neat outside right now, now that I'm happily back indoors and very quickly getting really exhausted. It is nice to have the hot water heater (I still need to fashion a new exhaust pipe) done, it seems to much more open in the garage without the large box taking up space. Despite the project taking way too long, I think he knew what he was doing and I don't think it will explode or leak all over and make our house moldy, so that's good.

Well, I feel like any second now I'm going to keel over and drop the laptop and I do have to work tomorrow, so I should go. Goodnight, all.
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