Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Sad People

Ok, so GM had some dumb marketing campaign idea to put billboards up all over the country. Well, more specifically, apparently mostly just the edges of the contiguous US. Screw the middle and Alaska and Hawaii. But it was kind of dumb. Each billboard only contains a single word and the website address. The website itself is kind of sad, because it simply serves to point out where all the billboards are, or will be. And that makes it a little sad because it seems a little too self-congratulating. In any case, not all the billboards are up yet but the website tells you where they eventually will be. But that didn't stop hackers from looking into the website and figuring out all the words already.

To make things weirder, GM added a message board where people can talk about what they think the message will be, or what it all means. It would be a little more interesting if GM didn't slather its logo all over the place. Kind of takes away a lot of the mystery.

Anyhow, looking at it today, I came across a sad exchange between two people. The first is a person living in the Hollywood Hills and doesn't own a car, yet admits to spending two hours on this site. That alone worries me, there isn't enough on this site to hold anyone's interest for 2 minutes. Secondly, they seem to be having a mental fight with themselves and trying to somehow stuff capitalism into a liberal construct and getting hopelessly confused. And finally, there's the conservative isolationist who takes the time to accuse them of ADHD and other fun stuff in this rather interesting, or sad interchange.
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