Friday, January 14, 2005

Hey PeopleSoft - You've Got Mail

Over the weekend, apparently all of the 11,000 PeopleSoft employees will receive something in the mail from Oracle. But they won't know until they open it what it is... for 6,000 of them, it will be a pink-slip. For the other 5,000, a new contract for continued employment with Oracle. Apparently Oracle is run by cruel and sadistic bastards. We've known for years that Larry Ellison(sp?) was a jerk, just from the soundbytes that he gets quoted as having said. But apparently everyone at Oracle lacks any sort of dignity or human spirit. I would love to see a lot of the 5,000 say "hey, bite me" and I'd love to see Microsoft and SAP rush a motorhome to the area full of HR people to hire a bunch of them. (The way the Red Cross and insurance companies mobilize to an area after a natural disaster.)
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