Wednesday, December 29, 2004


Weather outside? Frightful. Inside? Delightful. Please don't think me a bore, but let it pour, let it pour, let it pour.

The wildest weather I've seen since moving to California, probably on par with some of the stuff from my days living in Washington. On the drive home last night, I've never appreciated more how much of my car is made up of glass. The light show was just awesome, the whole sky kept lighting up all around me while I was in Pasadena and as I made my way east, I could see the flashes behind me, including some just ripping across the clouds. Awesome. And then last night while we were sleeping, God just let loose the floodgates and it was so loud. At one point, simultaneously being forced against the south and west windows of the house by the wind. It seems calmer today which should be good for the commute, but this weather just rules. Because I have a nice warm dry home, nice warm dry car and nice warm dry office from which to witness it.

It sounds like seagulls have replaced wild parrots as neighborhood birds this morning. That must have been a lot of rain.
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