Sunday, December 12, 2004

Baby, It's Cold Inside

Our thermostat seems to have died late on Friday night. It's a fancy electronic gizmo, so with a blank screen, it's sat there unmoving, uncaring, preventing us from using the heat at night or the air conditioner during the day. With a house so poorly sealed as ours, that's not good. And with a six month old who has a cold, it stinks even more. I don't think the two nights of freezing temperatures have contributed to her cold, but I can't think it's helped, either. Through the internet and various phone books, I've come up with about five different phone numbers for the guy who installed the system, but all seem to go to the same answering machine which he apparently doesn't check on weekends. I've also come up with two addresses for the guy and I am halfway tempted to go and see if either of those addresses are his house because this is starting to get unbearable. He just better darn well call first thing tomorrow or I swear he's getting a Better Business Complaint.
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