Thursday, November 11, 2004

No one's crying

I read somewhere that Arafat's death had set the blogging world on fire, that everyone was posting, everyone had an opinion. I checked and my blog was still cool, no sign of a fire. I figured I'd better not make the reporter a liar, so here's my post on Arafat. FINALLY! Ding dong, the bastard's dead. Do I believe peace is possible between Israel and Palestine? Eh, I'm undecided. Is it more possible now that Arafat is gone? Uh, yeah. It's, like, possible now. It sure wasn't when that a-hole was around siphoning off -- according to some reports -- aid money to the tune of as much as 6 billion dollars while letting "his people" continue to live in awful conditions that bred the kind of hostility and animosity that helped fuel the war against Israel while he jetted around meeting foriegn leaders pretending to want peace. Rot in hell, dude. There. There's some fire for you.
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