Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Q&A: Change

January 2 - Can people change?

2014 - A little. But I think they have to move and sever a lot of ties. That gets harder to do with social media. - entered Feburary 16

2015 - Yes, but it has to be a daily effort and you have to be aware of triggers that can tempt you to abandon the change. - entered January 3

2016 - Yes, but most don't want to, despite what they say - entered January 4

2017 - Yes, though many would deny needing to change.

2018 - I hope so.

These questions come from Q&A A Day: 5 Year Journal, a gift I received a few years ago. It's a great way to capture small thoughts and memories and see how things change over the years. (This is an Amazon affiliate link, if you buy it, you help support my coffee habit.)
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