Sunday, December 31, 2017

Lie Down, Sheep

Notes captured into Evernote from a sermon, undated

4 reasons sheep struggle to lie down

Grass is greener on the other side

1) fear
* When sheep are tense they cannot rest because they are on alert
* What causes sheep to be less fearful? (The shepherd)

2) Tension
* Contention and jealousy exists between sheep and is detrimental to the flock
* what calms them? (The shepherd)

3) aggravation (flies)
* We are all bound to a life of "being bugged"
* prayer and the Holy Spirit can help
* Practical steps can help too

4) hunger
* Sheep cannot rest if they are hungry
* Bethlehem was a wasteland. Green pastures don't happen by accident.
* God is always at work trying to help his people experience plentiful lives.
* What has the good shepherd done for you?
* Sometimes he had to break rocks, sow seeds, water, till the land

He sees the end from the beginning.

Thirst - caused by a lack of water - can only be quenched by an outside source. (We cannot make ourselves less-thirsty.)
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