Saturday, July 30, 2016

Spam Watch

Every time we register with a website, we use an email address unique to that website.  That allows us to see how our email address is shared (or stolen).

We are receiving spam as a result of registering with these sites.  Not a comprehensive list, but these sites have (or have previously had) inadequate security measures, or have shared our email address with someone who did.

If you're getting spam, it might be because you've registered with one of these sites. If you're thinking of registering with one of these sites, you might be wary of sharing your email address with them, in case they haven't improved their practices.

* Accuweather
* Adobe
* CouponMom (at least twice!)
* Disney (Photo Pass)
* Dropbox
* eHeat
* Entertainment Book
* Google (Feedburner)
* Klout
* Larson Nissan (at least twice!)
* Lifehacker
* Lower My Bills
* MyGroceryDeals
* MySpace
* Paypal
* TD Ameritrade (at least twice!)
* Tumblr

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