Thursday, June 16, 2016

Nous Sommes Arrivés

Well, Ben and I are here. Lori and Rachel and Jan and the cats are still en route including suffering Portland - 18 miles in 80 minutes. Ben wandered around, found his room and sat in it for awhile but has now returned multiple times to our bedroom - apparently he likes the air mattress.

I still remember arriving in near Seattle. It's nice to be in a town people have heard of, but part of it felt like a bit of a failure as the plane was taking off - I looked down at all those houses and land and thought "We didn't make it" - but I think I also felt that when we left L.A.  Maybe this is another chance for us to try to make it.  Lots of good happened in the past 10 years - to name just a few... Ben (and great medical and educational support), some things with Rachel were identified and diagnosed, we saw my brother get married (and then add four boys to their clan), Lori got to know Grandma Marjorie and we all got to make some wonderful memories with her before she passed away, we met a lot of neat friends at church and for eight years, I was what a non-profit in Federal Way needed. And things I learned there helped me into the next few things that led us back to where we are now.

So, while I grapple with this transition (and the commute!), I'm excited for this next chapter and think it's going to be really great for all of us.
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