Friday, May 08, 2015

How do I view Google form responses?

I want to see what others have submitted to a Google form.

When creating a form in Google Docs or Google Drive, the creator has the option of allowing people to view the results or keep them private. You'll see this after you've completed the form, there may be an option to "See results"

But... what if you want to see the results without filling out the form? Maybe you don't really have a strong opinion, or you've already filled out the form and come back later and want to see the results. It appears to be a pretty simple trick to change the URL or querystring.

If your survey link looks like this: 4815162342/viewform?c=0&w=1

just change viewform to viewanalytics, like this: 4815162342/viewanalytics

I tried using Google to find the answer to this, but had no luck, so here's a quick post, in case it helps anyone else out. If this doesn't work for you (and you know the results of the survey are public), please let me know.

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