Thursday, April 12, 2012

Day 1: 168.9

Alright... latest round.  When I stick to it, it's proven to work.  When I don't, I gain the weight.  I have no willpower and co-workers who like to bring doughnuts into the office.  So, with the help of my Wii Fit, RunKeeper, Lose It! and you, my audience of accountability, let's see how quickly I can lose 24 pounds.  (This time, the plan is to keep it off.)

Did two hours of Wii Fit Free Step today and ran 2.34 miles - I will sleep well tonight and the iPhone app from Simply Noise (I use the "brown noise," oscillating.) will help with that.  The numbers I enter into Lose It! are the calories as reported by the Wii and RunKeeper, so I erased the times that were listed on the screenshot because they're way off.  Also, I had a salad from Trader Joe's for lunch but when I scanned the barcode, the calorie count was way off so I just put in a generic placeholder to track the calories.

I should post a picture of me soon so we can watch the transformation.
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