Sunday, September 21, 2008

SeaTac = Greedy

1. Park at a car at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport for five days.  Car sits there, does nothing. Costs me $130.00.

2. Rent a "mid-size 2 or 4-door" car in Long Beach - at the airport - for five days - $162. 

That doesn't count gas in the rental, but if we're comparing apples-to-apples, then that's the at-rest cost of the rental. 

Now, I thought the rental was reasonably priced, especially considering the free upgrade to the full-sized SUV with only 10k on it.  So I think the privilege of providing me with a 10x7' square of concrete in a structure built decades ago is more than a bit overpriced if it's only $30 less than handing the keys to a relatively new car over to someone from another state with very few questions asked and just a signature here and initials here and here.  Especially considering there was no way we were packing a toddler, an infant, two car seats, two strollers and a mess of luggage (and a newly purchased baby swing for the trip back, long story) onto a bus and traveling from an off-site parking lot.  And especially considering how difficult it was to even find a space.  I know, I know.. supply and demand.  Still can't help being a little bit annoyed.
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