Friday, November 24, 2006

First Day of Christmas

Well, the tree is up and it's got lights on it. And maybe one ornament, I'm not sure. And there's one small tree outside with lights on it. But after a drive through the neighborhood, I know I need to do more, but there are also a lot of slackers in the neighborhood.

Last March soon after moving in we did find a house with a front yard full of decorations. We couldn't find them in September when we were out with the camera looking for ugly houses. Hopefully, though, the decorations will be back and we can show you someone who's gone overboard but who didn't have any taste or design behind it, but just simply bought one of everything and plugged it all in.

It is really nice having such a long, long weekend. This is the first job since college where I'm not able to check my e-mail from off-campus and boy that is nice. Other than Home Depot and Lowes, we stayed away from places where people could be found. We did see the lines of cars and were happy to be nowhere near them.
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