Monday, April 11, 2005

My New Best Friend

I ride the exercise bike most mornings, but it can be boring. Meanwhile, our dog is neglected. So I thought recently that I ought to buy a leash and take Barkley for more walks. At Target yesterday, the leash and collar display was a ghost town. Not a single one to be had. But, there was this curious thing laying on a shelf by itself. Part leash, part bungee cord and part water-ski handle grip, it looked intriguing and I thought I'd give the EZY DOG LEASH a try. It was either that or some Michael Graves rubber lead that looked too much like the indestructible chew doy Barkely consumed parts of yesterday. But at $16.99, the EZY DOG was only $2 more than the pretentious baby-blue Michael Graves annoyance, only about $5-7 more than your standard leashes, and it looked cool.

Gotta say, this thing is awesome. The grip is very easy to hold and the bungee action in the lead takes all the shock out of the lurches of our mastadon/dog.

We'll see what my arms and shoulders have to say about it tomorrow, but combined with her pinch collar, this leash was very effective at keeping the dog where I wanted her, for the most part. The rest will be training, consistency and time until she learns to walk at my side. Who knows, one day she might even enjoy the feel of not having the pinch collar pinch her, or if she gets really great at staying at my side, the feel of a standard nylon non-pinch-type collar.

One can only dream.
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