Wednesday, April 13, 2005

It's the end of the world...

Last night I dreamt I was in a room with some friends. Not sure where the room was or what we were doing... I guess we were just hanging out. People started to be ushered into the room which was kind of weird. Weirder still, people were murmurering and talking softly. I also noticed that no one was leaving the room.

We eventually found out that something major had happened, some kind of catastrophe but people weren't sure if it was a terrorist attack or some kind of accident. Some were saying that New York had been blown up. Or maybe Chicago. I picked up a phone in the room and tried to call my wife, but the recording said there were no available circuits for the state of California. We started to hear more about what was going on and basically martial law was being imposed. I toyed with the idea of sneaking out and seeing if I could find my wife but eventually determined that I would probably get in too much trouble. So I tried using my cell phone, and got through for just a second before it disconnected. But, she was safe.

From the room, we could see the ocean. There were dark angry clouds in the sky. Pure white clouds or steam stretched from the ocean to the clouds. But, there was one opening. In that opening, the wind kept whipping up and swirling trying to form a tornado. It would, but kept loosing steam almost immediately. There were lots of silver birds flying around the area and you could see just the purest blue through the opening. Someone said that it was the kind of color you could see after a nuclear blast. But, we were facing the Pacific so I didn't know what that meant, or even what I was looking at.

Then I woke up.
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