Monday, April 08, 2002

Miss me?
Sorry, been swamped (and sick). Some stuff you might care about and some you might not.

From Kevin: "For the record, Julia Marie Marousek was born a little past 11am on April 2nd. She weighs apx. 9 lbs., and she didn't cry the whole time I held her."

Ameritrade buys Datek :(
This bums me out. If I had wanted an account at Ameritrade, I would have gotten an account at Ameritrade. On the other hand, they could have gotten purchased by E*Trade... the Wal*Mart of Online Brokerages.

Sprint PCS sucks in San Francisco

Microsoft trying to grow up
And a look at their recent reorg... reorg? Guess that means it's officially spring.

Sprint PCS sucks in New York

Jerry Knight is my hero
Says the AOL/Time Warner merger didn't and still doesn't make sense

Sprint PCS sucks in Columbus

Do you smell something?
This is an interesting take... you know how you get those stinky pages in magazines supposed to smell like perfume? Sci-Fi did one... but made it smell like smoke to promote Firestarter. Clever.

Sprint PCS sucks in Dallas/Fort Worth

Once and Again... Or not.

Sprint PCS sucks in Los Angeles

Uh... we meant to do that.
Ford ends Blackwood Production

Sprint PCS sucks in New York

The old new Geraldo?
Phil Donahue Is Back

I knew she made me have a headache, but Celine Dion could actually crash your computer.

Sitting on the top step of the Richmond Braves' (Atlanta's minor-league team) dugout
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