Friday, September 18, 2015

ExactTargetHack: Perfect Proofs

So if you work a lot in ExactTarget (aka Salesforce Marketing Cloud) you're probably used to making the subject line a variable.  Great for different audiences or serving different languages from the same email.  So your Properties looks something like this with a subject line of "%%=v(@subject)=%%".

I've recently discovered a great little trick that's helped me take it even further - defining the proof as a variable as well.

So just two additional lines...

At the beginning:
set @proof = "whatever"
At the end:
set @proof = concat(@proof, " | " , @subject)

Then, when you use the UI to send a proof (you are using a UI, right?), you just change @subject to @proof.

and you're done.

It's simple, but by making it a consistent part of my process, it's saved me a lot of time and I'm far less likely to send unmarked proofs for review.

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