Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Not of Macy's Quality

I'll always have a special place in my heart for Macy's.  They did, afterall, employ Santa Claus.  The other day in my walk through Tukwila, I noticed this:

Right there on Southcenter Pkwy., surrounded by retail, is Macy's Logistics and Operations Center.  You can see it here on this map:

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It's such a disconnect from what you think of when you think of Macy's.  At the very least, you think a pretty decent retailer.  But then what's this?  For reasons that boggle my mind (I'm weird like that), they think this is good enough.  A bunch of busted-up old trailer trucks left out to rot, backed up against Southcenter Parkway and a completely strip of dirt and weeds and mangled trees devoid of any sort of effort whatsoever to make it look nice.

Now... Tukwila doesn't win awards for urban planning or visual appeal, but why on earth would Macy's want to proudly advertise that this mess right in the heart of retail is theirs?

If they aren't interested in cleaning it up and no one from the city is asking them to, you'd think someone would realize maybe they ought to remove the sign and operate anonymously.

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