Thursday, July 30, 2009


Can't remember exactly where I heard it, or if I even am getting the attribution quite right (Dupree?), but thought it was compelling:

Leaders have but two jobs:
(1) Define reality.
(2) Say "Thank you"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Does it still matter?

Seth Godin says that when he reads something with the misuse of its and it's or unnecessary quoting, he assumes the writer is stupid.

I've had people suggest that this no longer matters, that it's all about the message and that people will know what you mean.

Does it still matter?


(I agree with Seth. While the assumption of stupidity is our own personal failings, it still happens and we're probably not alone in this.)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stupid Spammers

Wow, times are getting tough for spammers. They can no longer rely on spam and actually have to try talking to people. I guess $560 for 30 minutes' work wouldn't be bad. Hopefully I've wasted enough of their time. (Her husband's name is not Brad and she has four children, not two, and their names are not Debbie or Frank. And my wife's name is not Jodi. Also, with four children, she doesn't travel much right now. And since it was her Facebook account they hacked, they had all the information they needed, but they were lazy - they could have posted "Woo! I'm in England!" and they could have found out the names of all of her children. If you're going to go in on something, be more convincing. Or, since you're a scammer/spammer, go get in a small boat and row out to the middle of the ocean where you'll bother no one.

(6:22:27 AM) Friend: Hey
(6:22:29 AM) Friend: James
(6:23:30 AM) James: good morning

(6:24:29 AM) Friend: Morning
(6:24:35 AM) Friend: How are you doing?
(6:25:56 AM) Friend: Are you there?
(6:27:03 AM) James: Sorry, trying to do too many things at once and not yet fully awake. I'm here and I'm great, thanks for asking. You?

(6:27:22 AM) Friend: I'm not happy
(6:27:24 AM) Friend: James
(6:27:50 AM) James: Sorry. What's up?

(6:28:08 AM) Friend: I was robbed down here in England all what i have was taken away both my wallet and phone
(6:28:35 AM) James: Woah. Where are you now?

(6:28:48 AM) Friend: I'm in England
(6:28:55 AM) James: Well, yeah.
(6:29:13 AM) James: But like do you need me to call someone here?

(6:29:29 AM) Friend: Nope
(6:29:41 AM) Friend: I have lost my contact
(6:29:56 AM) Friend: I need your help
(6:30:16 AM) Friend: My flight will be leaving in the next 3 hours
(6:31:04 AM) James: What do you need?

(6:31:23 AM) Friend: I will like you to loan me some $
(6:31:46 AM) James: Where's Brad?
(6:31:56 AM) Friend: I will pay you back as soon as i get back to state
(6:33:15 AM) James: How are you going to get on the plane without your wallet?

(6:33:57 AM) Friend: Lucky i have my passport
(6:34:13 AM) Friend: I'm in the hotel where i logged
(6:34:19 AM) Friend: He's here with me
(6:35:23 AM) Friend: Nope Debbie and Frank are with Mom
(6:35:46 AM) James: What hotel are you at?

(6:35:48 AM) Friend: James i will like you to try and help me out
(6:35:55 AM) Friend: I'm scared down here
(6:36:24 AM) Friend: Sector Hotel
(6:36:40 AM) Friend: Making used of the hotel manager laptop to chat with you
(6:36:56 AM) James: Yeah, anything. Did you go to that little cafe at Alderney and Sussex I told you about?
(6:37:39 AM) James: Where's the sector hotel? I don't know it. Is it downtown? I could probably be there in about 45-50 minutes. I could give you and Brad a ride to the airport.

(6:38:08 AM) Friend: It's down town
(6:38:21 AM) Friend: Here in England
(6:38:28 AM) James: Don't know why you'd be scared if Brad is with you.

(6:38:41 AM) Friend: Are you in England so that you can help us out
(6:38:53 AM) James: Thought you said London.

(6:39:05 AM) Friend: Yep
(6:40:12 AM) James: Oh. On Bridge St., yeah? Just east of the Westminster Bridge?
(6:40:35 AM) James: That's even closer. I can be there in 35.
(6:42:03 AM) James: Let me get my keys and tell Jodi. She'll be excited to see you, we had no idea you were here.
(6:42:16 AM) James: What's it been, like two years since you two saw each other?

(6:43:14 AM) Friend: I can give you the hotel phone number so that you can call him
(6:43:31 AM) James: Let me get my keys and tell Jodi. She'll be excited to see you, we had no idea you were here.
(6:43:40 AM) James: Yeah, give me the number.
(6:43:50 AM) James: What's it been, like two years since you two saw each other?
(6:44:51 AM) James: Here's my mobile - +44 (0) 20 7321 2233
(6:45:26 AM) James: Wow, Jodi is going to be so excited to see you. Sad that it's under such circumstances. Bummer that you didn't let us know you were coming.
(6:45:32 AM) James: So, what, a couple hundred euros?
(6:45:56 AM) James: Should I wire it to save time?

(6:46:16 AM) Friend: Wire
(6:46:23 AM) James: Give me the info.
(6:46:43 AM) James: That way you can get the hotel bill covered before we get there.

(6:46:47 AM) Friend: Send it under my name
(6:46:50 AM) James: Jodi's quickly getting ready.

(6:47:25 AM) Friend: send through western union
(6:48:02 AM) James: ok, I can do that.
(6:48:35 AM) James: Ok, I need to get going, but I'll get that done. Give me a call in like 15 minutes, cool?

(6:48:39 AM) Friend: Send it via this website
(6:48:53 AM) Friend:
(6:49:10 AM) James: yep.
(6:49:19 AM) James: ok, be there in a jif.

(6:49:34 AM) Friend: $560.00
(6:50:37 AM) James: Oh, it was a short stay. I figured it was going to be more and already sent $900. You can pay me back the difference when I get there. Ok, gotta go get in the car. See you at the hotel.
(6:53:34 AM) James: did you get it? (is it that quick or does it take a few minutes?)

(6:54:19 AM) Friend: James why are you acting like this
(6:54:54 AM) James: ok, getting in the car now. The record number for the transfer is 55654WZ-677-JLAMB.