Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Quick Hit

Hello, it's been far too long since I posted. I'm pretty sure if you analyzed my posts a majority of them would include the words "far too long since I posted" near the start of them.

So, been keeping busy. Not necessarily always the right stuff, but keeping extremely busy. I've had my full time job and then my quarter-time job. I've been waking up early, getting a lot of stuff done, but neglecting other things like housework lately. Well, until more recently. I've been getting back on track. I've also been trying to get my diet back on track. I keep getting close and then going back to bad habits. I have about a decade of that now. I'm not even going to swear that this time will be different. I mean well. I just stink at follow-through.

I've been sick the past few days. The advantage to working from home, rarely get sick enough to actually have to call in sick, so I just keep working, keep getting paid. It's pretty sweet.

Kids are doing well. I think we're seeing growth and improvements in both of them. Rachel recently got tested and is really high on the math side and basically rang the bell on the reading side, getting classified as 12.9+ which means that her reading level is somewhere above above that of a student who's completed 9 months of their 12th grade year. That is, a high school graduate.

As always, lots more I'd like to say but can't. So then I struggle for what to actually say. Well, I guess it's good that I at least wrote something. I do have a lot of house-type-stuff that I do want to get done tonight, so I should get to it.