Wednesday, April 18, 1990

Wednesday, April 18, 1990, 10:15 P.M.

Wednesday, April 18, 1990, 10:15 P.M.
11:29 P.M. OUT I tried a bunch of stuff to make it look nice...
SUNNY, NO RAIN, COLD... I just got home from work. I
just talked to Grandma Lamb on the phone. This
has not been a good week.
MONDAY, I was talking in class, and got assigned two------------------MONDAY
"sets of dishes". This means I have to spend 30 Dishes,
minutes washing dishes after school for each Referals -
set. Later that day, I was talking in CRUMBy's Sat. School,
class, and I got REFERED for a SATURDAY SCHOOL. Blocked
(I'm still waiting for the office to call me..) Entrance
I was also told the minute I walked into the
computer lab that I was never to set foot in
that room ever again. (Maybe I should take that
class next year?)
TUESDAY, I was able to talk the teacher out of one of-----------------TUESDAY
the sets of dishes by telling her that we were Less Dishes
talking about the project she had just
announced (THE HONEST TRUTH). I think I'll do
the other set tomorrow.
WEDNESDAY, (That's today). ** MAJOR HEADACHE DAY **-------------------TODAY
In the continuing adventures of the G R E A T GCFI,
C O M P U T E R F R A M E I N C I D E N T, I Referals -
have heard from several (responsable) sources Suspension,
that I have been REFERED to the office for a Fines
SUSPENSION by NOBLE, and that he is going to
try to get me to pay him $200/hour for the time
it takes him to repair the system. He can
FORGET that. He won't get a penny out of me.
I've gotten most of the way through P A T R I O T--------------------BOOK
G A M E S. I'm MAD at the ficticious Patriot Games
terrorists and am glad they are not alive. Tom Clancy
(Because I would kill them.)
My pet, S A M R A T T is still loose and the parents----------------SAM RATT
are going to use a mouse trap to catch him. I'm Loose and in
praying that we catch him without a trap, or danger
that GOD leads him out of the house safely.
He's already eaten some crackers and stuff.
Y O U T H & G O V E R N M E N T is FAST---------------YOUTH AND
approaching. I still don't know if I have GOVERNMENT
FINANCIAL backing or if L A M B ' S Any cash?
O F F I C E S U P P L Y will have to back me.
H O L D E N V I L L A G E is also FAST approaching.------------------S.L.Y.
This is a WEEKEND event with S I L V E R D A L E Holden Village
L U T H E R A N Y O U T H. I am REALY looking
forward to this as well.
I WORKED AT K I N G ' S T A B L E B U F F E T for 4 &------------KING'S TABLE
1/2 HOURS. I am awaiting a PAYCHECK worth $100+ Paycheck,
(coming SATURDAY) Just about everyone at work Support
thinks my problem sucks and think I should fight
it. They say I shouldn't wait for the GCFI to
find me in the office, I should go on my own.