Saturday, October 19, 2002

Temporarily, images may not work. I'm moving to a new internet service provider.

Tuesday, October 15, 2002

I'm pretty thrilled with the FCC. While they still haven't shut down Sprint PCs, they've done some pretty cool stuff lately...

First, they're denying the merger(ha!) between Dish Networks (boo) and DirecTV (yay). Dunno what this does to my GM stock (GM owns DirecTV), but I like my DirecTV and don't want the stinky smelly Dish Network people messing it up.

And, they've paved the way for digital (non-satellite) radio approved. Sounds cool. (Or dangerous if you're staring at your radio when you should be driving.)

Hey, guess what? Sprint sucks. But you knew that... here's some new places people are learning it sucks... Sprint PCS sucks in Miami, and Sprint PCS sucks in Seattle, at Sprint PCS even sucks in St. Paul, not to mention Sprint PCS's suckage in New Jersey, and lastly, the suckage that is Sprint PCS is being felt in Cleveland